The Dungeons and Dragons Pinball Machine

Dungeons and Dragons Pinball Machine in action.

Join me on a game on this personal project, a Dungeons and Dragons inspired Pinball Machine.

The idea was to make a complete interior and exterior modelled, textured, materialed and rendered themed pinball machine, like the ones from Stern Pinball.
Started from scratch about 5 or 6 months ago, I dedicated all the spare time I had (not so much, really) it´s been a long but fun project and I learned many tricks along the way. I´m pretty happy with the results, even though it´s not perfect, I call it done.

Almost all the Artwork for the Decals is downloaded from the Dungeons and Dragons (Wizards) Website, authors not credited there. Other authors are Will O´Brien (Pathfinder LoL, sorry), Daniel Humpage and Rotyslav Zagornov.

I used 3DsMax for the modelling and the scene (materials, animation, etc); Substance Painter and Photoshop for the textures, V-Ray for the rendering; After Effects and Premiere for the slight postpro.

I really hope you like it.